Dead the Silence is a social initiative that creates space for unspoken mental health issues and offers resources for healing and support. It’s an organization that promotes and encourages people to speak on issues and topics that affect our lives and the lives of others. Dead the Silence was created and founded by Anthony Duncan. Anthony became inspired to create this organization while dealing with the distress and hurt from losing his younger sister Ashley Duncan to suicide in 2012. Since her death, Anthony found that speaking more about his sister and opening up about battling with depression had an impact on helping others and getting people to talk more about mental health. He was able to start his healing journey and hope that his story would help someone else.
Co-Founder Osadeba Omokaro is a childhood friend of Anthony Duncan and was very close to his younger sister Ashley Duncan. Osadeba was hurt by the loss of Ashley Duncan and was also dealing with signs of depression. He never spoke about it until years later and realized that boxing these issues inside instead of seeking help only made dealing with the loss of Ashley much more difficult. Dealing with the lost of Ashley Duncan was a bonding moment for Anthony and Osadeba in which they both realized that having these tough conversations allowed them to overcome their struggles.
Osadeba and Anthony both wanted to create a movement that creates a space for unspoken mental health issues while empowering others to speak their truth. Through the Dead the Silence initiative, they create, organize, and facilitate events and workshops that are geared toward healing and developing self love. Dead the silence allows people to share their stories and not be afraid to open about mental health issues. Acknowledging that you are going through depression, anxiety or any other mental health issues is the first step in healing.  Anthony and Osadeba want people to realize that they can go through adversities and still have both a meaningful and successful life.
Dead the Silence is a statement thematic representing all issues that plague us individually and/or our communities. For some it can be “dead the silence” on: depression, domestic violence, rape, substance abuse, diseases, among others. We challenge you to speak more to loved ones and those that may be hurting and don’t know how to cope with their problems. 
Let’s speak out and save lives! One love ?

Founders of Dead The Silence!

Osadeba Omokaro

Osadeba O. Omokaro, Co-Founder of  “Dead the Silence”, is a Houston Native by way of Nigeria. He is one of five siblings, and son to two amazing Nigerian parents that blessed him in life. Although these are pillars of strength in many people’s lives; these factors alone were not enough to keep him from dealing with the trauma of losing a brother to sickle cell, and doctoral malpractice at an early age. This experience coupled with other life situations caused him to feel immense anger for most of his life resulting in fights, emotional isolation, and confusion.  Luckily, through time and communication with loved ones he was able to “Dead the Silence” of fear & anger in his life.  His true turning point was in college. He is a alumni of Prairie View A&M University where he was very active founding a few organizations on the campus as well as holding the mantel of Mr. Prairie View A&M University. Now, in his adult life he resides in Washington, D.C. where he works as a business analyst at Nestle & continues his community work through Urban League & other organizations.

Anthony Duncan

Anthony Thomas Duncan is the Co-Founder of “Dead the Silence” which is an initiative that creates a space for unspoken mental health issues and provides resources for healing and support. With an earned Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Morehouse College in Atlanta,Georgia, Anthony recognizes the importance of education, leadership, and community engagement. Anthony is currently enrolled at New York University Steinhardt in the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) and Masters of Clinical Nutrition. He volunteers with the Boys and Girls Club where he serves as a mentor to a young man. With a strong background in the natural sciences, Anthony is pursuing a career in Health and Nutrition with the goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian with a focus on Community Nutrition. Anthony is a creative, learner-centered practitioner, researcher, and mental health advocate who is committed to encouraging others to “Dead The Silence.”